We have learned to live with the noise, the one outside and the one inside. It helps us sleep, sometimes, the noise outside Because what lives inside likes to talk at night . But the noise inside is my own voice. It speaks of things I deny with open eyes It digs the grave I... Continue Reading →

When Words burst

Today, it burned again, within. Or was it a choke? Maybe.   Today, it hurts again, believing.   The winds last night told a different tale They whispered you had changed. Believe me, I had a hard time believing.   The stars stood witness to the fable. They saw words blowing up in the air,... Continue Reading →

Infantile Trooper

Amidst the azure winter freeze Blew an abandoned disarmed feather I held her close in the weather Asked, what's her business in the breeze?   She flicked her tail in courtesy Looked East, flapped her golden hair Pointing towards the lost trail, She said, she lived there But soon came a giant hail To trample... Continue Reading →

Learned it the hard way

That day she cried, after a very long time. There was no need to hide her tears anymore. There was no one who would have really cared anymore. Her tears were the proof that she tried, yet they also proved that she was defeated. She couldn't stay the Impassive Frame for too long. She couldn't... Continue Reading →

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