Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet? You wouldn't know what rejection feels like then. If you have ever been cheated upon or been compelled to question your self worth in a relationship, you must be aware of how such events probably scar you for life. You don't know it at the... Continue Reading →


Too many of us think love dies; with the break of the heart, with the feelings that didn't last. But love is a emotion, and emotions don't die. It's energy, and energy thrives even when words and meanings cease to survive. Lovers find another lovers, and that's how love survives. But Lovers die. When the... Continue Reading →


It all began on a journey away from home, in a longing for a place I would want to call home.  I was in the company of my friends and acquaintances yet I was alone, alone- not in the sense that we all secretly want to be, but in a way that makes you want... Continue Reading →

Comer Spring

She didn't want him to come. She never expected he'd. But he did. She didn't want to feel what she felt, but he insisted, persistently. And, she did. It terrified her, the intimacy words would create. It scared her, the feelings he would generate. She was in a happy place, all by herself. Her walls... Continue Reading →

When Words burst

Today, it burned again, within. Or was it a choke? Maybe.   Today, it hurts again, believing.   The winds last night told a different tale They whispered you had changed. Believe me, I had a hard time believing.   The stars stood witness to the fable. They saw words blowing up in the air,... Continue Reading →

The Dead End

And we have lost the spark. Can you feel it too? No two smiles flutter together. Have you seen it too? We stand here, beside, yet apart A blanket of void divides us. No word finds meaning On the opposite parts. Incoherence strikes us hard. Forced conversations have conquered sweet nothings, A hysteric laughter hide... Continue Reading →

Virile Valediction

I would spend the night with you, In you I’ll find my calm, But In the morning I’ll have to go And leave you in a qualm.   I would write for you in the gap of my thighs About the calm of the night, About the storms of mind, About the sham of the... Continue Reading →

Would it matter, anyway?

“Was it easier without me?” He asked, “The pain?” She didn’t know what to say. He had left without answers and came expecting no questions. He had gone with the summer, and returned, expecting warm arms in the winter.  The day he left, he didn’t turn back, and she knew any amount of query will... Continue Reading →

Of Dreams That Do Come True..

She had just finished watching The Cinderella Story and entered the room where her mother was managing the bills. She came a little closer and asked her mother, “Mom, do you believe in happily ever afters?” not sure how to answer her daughter, she said, “I don’t know, I have never known it in person.”... Continue Reading →

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