The Writer is Smiling!

It's the sound of the long creak after the pause. The door is rust, perhaps, or the oiling needs to be re-done. Faint hustles make way as the door creaks wide open and lets the reader witness the havoc inside. Words were flying hither tither. A few stale sentences lie on the couch with huge... Continue Reading →


An attempt to Unread

She would see people around her celebrating their love for a book they had been reading, falling in love with it again and again, since years. The numbers swelling every time; 2-3-4-5 years and still counting. Sometimes, these posts were all forgotten over a new collection that had arrived at her disposal; other times, those... Continue Reading →

Literary Beginnings!

I hope this New Year slathers everyone's life with Sunshine and fills it with love, laughter and joy. Undoubtedly, 2015 was filled with lessons learnt and experience gained and, hopefully, the journey will continue in future. The only constant in this journey of transition has been my books, the books that made me smile a... Continue Reading →

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