Reverberation of the mad clamour

I hear noises

When it’s dark and lonely.

I fear voices

When it’s tender and quiet.

I see you there, waiting for me

at the break of the day,

Watching over me,

through the little voids, faraway.

I hear noises

When you approach me,

I fear voices

When you whisper in me.

I see you there, walking beside me,

When I step on the tightrope.

Gnashing at me, when I lose all hope.

I hear noises,

When you discuss my life,

I fear voices,

When you plan to give advice.

I see you there, when I look in the mirror,

mocking me, for the decisions I made.

Judging me, for the realities I couldn’t change.

But sometimes at twilight

when I approach those noises,

those infuriating voices,

I see you there, pitying me.

I see fear in your eyes,

the way I have known it all this while.

You fear your laugh won’t last

You fear you mask will tear apart.

Like me, you too are a little girl inside

Oblivious to way of the world this side.

You know I tried to put up with it,

Unlike you, I couldn’t resist.

I couldn’t find another escape.

Perhaps I will have to quit.

There’s nothing left for me to stick.

You are not with me anymore,

just a mocking bird at the end of the tomb.

I can’t confide in you any longer,

You live in the mirror,

snickering at me.

Not a single ear is left,

to hear my tale,

story of the place I most detest.

I’ve begun to fear my noise, now

I’ve begun to fear my voice, now

I want it to cease

But I am afraid,

there’s no other choice now…


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