I remember the first time we were renovating our house. I was just a child, excited to see the old rooms being painted in new colours. But more than that, I was excited about the treasure hunt that was about to begun. I didn't care about the trouble it brings to the elders who had... Continue Reading →


Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet? You wouldn't know what rejection feels like then. If you have ever been cheated upon or been compelled to question your self worth in a relationship, you must be aware of how such events probably scar you for life. You don't know it at the... Continue Reading →

The City

Did you know this city didn't sleep tonight? It watched through the darkness which enveloped the night sky, The empty terrains waiting for a lover to pass by. It peeped through the ruffles that slip from the window Every time an engine stops near the road. It blinked with the light that impatiently waits for... Continue Reading →

For the winner within you

A very Happy New Year to my readers! It's been a long time since I used this platform to address my thoughts, but I knew when I'll get back here I'll have something different than the usual to share.  I started blogging in 2014 and I have come a long way since then. Most of... Continue Reading →


Too many of us think love dies; with the break of the heart, with the feelings that didn't last. But love is a emotion, and emotions don't die. It's energy, and energy thrives even when words and meanings cease to survive. Lovers find another lovers, and that's how love survives. But Lovers die. When the... Continue Reading →

I don’t like Smiling Faces

I don't like smiling faces What I mean is I don't like faces that smile all the time.   They put the obvious under a veil shielding away the demands of their body; they turn a close eye to the fact of the time.   The stretch of their muscles give away a suppressed sigh,... Continue Reading →

Release from a knock

"It's strange, you know, that you came today, after all this time, after all that happened"."But, honestly, it doesn't feel unusual. In fact it doesn't feel strange at all. It's like all those things in the past never happened. And I'm glad that I can sit with you today, sipping coffee and discuss it." he... Continue Reading →


It all began on a journey away from home, in a longing for a place I would want to call home.  I was in the company of my friends and acquaintances yet I was alone, alone- not in the sense that we all secretly want to be, but in a way that makes you want... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary,

Reading old diary entries is like hugging yourself. You look at the cause, you look at the flaws and you know what is going to happen next, you know exactly what did happen next but you can't stop yourself from falling in love with the sheer innocence of those words scribbled on the sheets. The... Continue Reading →

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