Too many of us think love dies; with the break of the heart, with the feelings that didn’t last.
But love is a emotion, and emotions don’t die. It’s energy, and energy thrives even when words and meanings cease to survive.
Lovers find another lovers, and that’s how love survives.

But Lovers die.

When the silences are too much to contain
When their own breath strangles, and the choke maintains
Lovers don’t survive. Lovers die.

When they ache in places their bodies can’t find
When the voids scream and noise is a befitting choice
They know it’s alright if the Lovers don’t survive.

When the day ends and they don’t enter their dens
When the wolves of the night long for the daylight
They know it’s better if Lovers don’t survive.

When lovers lose their zeal and love starts to reek
When every moment together is a silent murder
With each little sigh the Lovers die.

When verse breaks and empty clamour rhymes
When the heart longs for memories from distant times
They know about the death the Lovers die.
When their reflection is a stranger, and strangers are better allies
When the mister maps the expectations, and obligation fills the wife
It’s a rallying call for love, and the Lovers must die.

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