When Words burst

Today, it burned again, within.

Or was it a choke? Maybe.


Today, it hurts again, believing.


The winds last night told a different tale

They whispered you had changed.

Believe me, I had a hard time believing.


The stars stood witness to the fable.

They saw words blowing up in the air,

Anecdotes turning into ashes,

Dialogues turning into dust.


A Canary reported the death of a Diary,

Conversations hiding into caverns.

I went through your letters from the past,

Colors were missing from the canvas.

Was the paint too much for the page?

Or was it the oil that had set fire to the stage?

I tried to hold some words floating by

But the moon told me they were all white lies.

Believe me, I had a hard time believing.


Words were what I had always fed on.

Words were where I had shared my beliefs.

But the little lamp told me words are how we are always deceived.

I looked up for the rhymes and meters you had composed

But the strings were lose from one of your songs.


They taunt me now, for they had warned before.

They had tried to stop me from writing again,

But you were my word.

And in words I had always believed.


But, today, I have a hard time believing.


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