Dear Diary,

Reading old diary entries is like hugging yourself. You look at the cause, you look at the flaws and you know what is going to happen next, you know exactly what did happen next but you can't stop yourself from falling in love with the sheer innocence of those words scribbled on the sheets. The... Continue Reading →


They; The People.

​And, they tell you that she was in pain, that it's better this way,  now that she is dead. And, they tell you-  you can now talk about her,  that there can be a place for her inside the house,  now that she needs no more. And, they tell you- you can raise her on... Continue Reading →


We have learned to live with the noise, the one outside and the one inside. It helps us sleep, sometimes, the noise outside Because what lives inside likes to talk at night . But the noise inside is my own voice. It speaks of things I deny with open eyes It digs the grave I... Continue Reading →


I'm a product of fragments I'm the fragment. My verse is broken My lyric cut, My word is scattered And, my story unheard. My reality is shaken And, life fractured. I'm a product of fragments I live in shreds. I crumble at touch That augurs trust; Sometimes, mist Othertimes, dust. I shatter at smiles With... Continue Reading →

The Writer is Smiling!

It's the sound of the long creak after the pause. The door is rust, perhaps, or the oiling needs to be re-done. Faint hustles make way as the door creaks wide open and lets the reader witness the havoc inside. Words were flying hither tither. A few stale sentences lie on the couch with huge... Continue Reading →

When your mind is not your own.

Anxiety is poison for your mind and soul, take that. Despite having three, newly bought, master pieces of human genius infront of me, I could not muster the courage to pick up a book and start reading. There's no justified reason, why. I just couldn't. My mind wasn't with me. A thousand and hundred different... Continue Reading →

Today is a memory

"I want you to remember me. Will you remember that I existed, and that I stood next to you here like this?" Out of all the fears in the world, this is the biggest fear I'll ever have. "If I should disappear, will you tell them I was here?" Memories scare me. Oblivion is scary.... Continue Reading →


If I should fade away, will you speak of my existence? If I should disappear, will you tell them I was here?   If I don’t come again, will you miss my presence? If I don’t shed a tear, will you know I still can’t bear?   If I won’t write to you, will you... Continue Reading →

An attempt to Unread

She would see people around her celebrating their love for a book they had been reading, falling in love with it again and again, since years. The numbers swelling every time; 2-3-4-5 years and still counting. Sometimes, these posts were all forgotten over a new collection that had arrived at her disposal; other times, those... Continue Reading →

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