I don’t like Smiling Faces

I don’t like smiling faces

What I mean is

I don’t like faces that smile all the time.


They put the obvious under a veil

shielding away the demands of their body;

they turn a close eye

to the fact of the time.


The stretch of their muscles

give away a suppressed sigh,

their defeat to fight a white lie.


I like faces that cry often

and give away with a million screams

the desires of their body

and their mental well being.


Those faces hold a truth

we often deny.

The wicked smirks and the crooked smiles,

those are the faces that never lie.

They know what they feel

and show

without justifying- why


Their laughs are effortless,

just like their uncontrolled cries.


I like faces that give away the lie.



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