It all began on a journey away from home, in a longing for a place I would want to call home. 

I was in the company of my friends and acquaintances yet I was alone, alone- not in the sense that we all secretly want to be, but in a way that makes you want to bury your face in the pillow and scream. I was looking for something, something- that I didn’t know then. Perhaps, I was looking for a person. Or perhaps, I was looking for a place. Or maybe, I was looking for a memory. Or maybe, I was longing for something completely different altogether.

To a feeling I call Home…

​I never understood love until I felt your hand around my waist,

Tugging me close, away from a world we both despise.

I never understood longing until one day I went to sleep alone,

In the safety of your scent surrounding me

I never knew happiness until I met your eyes smiling in glee,

Carefully innocent, in the comfort of a memory.

I never understood passion until you stood beside me one day,

Mapping an endless road;

Creating hope out of voids too needs zeal.

I never understood fright until, one day, I read your forehead lines, 

They unfold little lies;

I found your fears were mine.

I never understood madness until I found us dancing

To a tune that hasn’t been made.

I never understood trust until I stripped myself off, 

Layer by layer, and knew I had come home.

Featured image by Antony Gormley, Feeling Material. Contemporary wire figure sculpture from the abstract and conceptual modern. Source: Internet.


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