Mangled Monologue

I want to curl up in your arms and escape this world.

Do you hear me?

I want to listen to your silence and forget the mad clamor.

Will you let me?


Tonight, the world doesn’t seem alright.

It hasn’t been, for a long time.

I didn’t feel the need to write to you

But, today, I’ve lost strength.


Do you hear my sobs? They want to tell you a secret.

I’m not the strong child you thought I was.

Do you see my pillow?

It has tales to tell, of my cowardice, of my weakness.

The poles alongside my bed have bones of my brokenness.

Will you fix them up for me?


It feels like a long time since I have been whole again.

A void within aches plenary.

It’s been too long since I’ve been yours again.

If I give up tonight, will you hold me?

Will you tell me it’s not the end?

Will you give me the years you couldn’t live?

So I could be yours again?


My stories are short; my heart, cold.

They crave your warmth, I’ve been told.

I’ve a confession to make, I’ll not mold.

I miss you in my stories untold.


You left me alone in this chaotic mess,

A silent hysteria has taken over.

Words have stopped making sense

Just peeling incoherence off another.


I’m tired travelling alone.

Will you come and take me home?


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