The Dead End

And we have lost the spark.
Can you feel it too?
No two smiles flutter together.
Have you seen it too?

We stand here, beside, yet apart
A blanket of void divides us.
No word finds meaning
On the opposite parts.
Incoherence strikes us hard.
Forced conversations have conquered sweet nothings,
A hysteric laughter hide broken smiles.
We came here to heal each other ,
Then how did we leave those scars?
Is the honeymoon period over?
Have we reached the end?
Is this what they call reality?
Have those rose-tinted glasses bent?

I lie down beneath the starry lights,
Looking for another escape.
But deep down I know that you know
What I have known all this while.
The tongue titches, the words shudder,
Too afraid to say aloud, we say,
‘It’s time’.

A moment of silence then our paths will part,
Like a fork on the road,
And maybe someday we will cross
Each other on some shore.


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