Dreams do come true; Nightmares are dreams too

She shuddered and woke up in terror. Nightmares give you such terror. She dreamt of losing the most precious thing in her life. Something that is irreplacable. Even the thought of losing it frightened her and yet here she was living without it. She did not choose to lose it, it went away. Nobody had control over it, as now people say,’ It wasn’t meant to be.’ Maybe yes. Maybe it wasn’t really meant to be. Somewhere deep down she knew this fact very well but she was still in denial. She couldn’t even imagine a day without it. It was like a part of her life, a part of the system she breathes in. How do you learn to live without a part of your body? It takes time doesn’t it? So why do people say forget what happened and keep going? Perhaps they have never known this feeling. Feeling of losing someone you cannot replace. What I hate so much about people is the way they react when you tell them how you feel. You are not asking for their sympathy. You don’t need their sorry faces, their pity. All you need is a shoulder to cry and and listen to your grief. She needed it too and I don’t think it was too much to ask for. Alas, there were none. All that people could say was, ‘Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, things like this happen.’ Damn people, she was old enough to realise that it happens and you need to get over it because life goes on, but why hurry? What’s the need? After all it was her life and she could live it anyway she wanted to. If she needed to cry and scream because her darkest nightmares came true, let her be. If she wants to mourn over the loss of something she lost, let her do. It was her life. You see you don’t ever have to apologise for feeling sad. You are not being too sensitive. Neither are you being over dramatic. One needs to honour her emotions and that is never something you need to be ashamed of. There is always something underlying our sadness, whatever it is, it’s important and valid and needs to be expressed and felt. So i guess she was just being true to herself by confronting those emotions and nothing else. If I could have it my way I would have never let it go but somethings are not under our control I guess. So during these times when you see everything slipping out of your hands you need someone to come to you and say,’ I understand. There are times when things go out of our control and we are left helpless, but one needs to keep fighting and never give up.’ Someone who could just say,’ Hey little fighter, soon things will be brighter.’ Someone who gives you a reason to get up and face the battle, everyday. She knows things will get better and few years later this struggle wouldn’t seem so big. I know it. You know it. But when, nobody knows. So until then, I believe we need to keep dreaming. Because yes, Dreams do come true; so what if nightmares are dream too!


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