So this is how our FabIndia actually looks like. Khan market, one of the high street shopping destination of the elite, this place has also got a grim shade in it. Often left unsung. Something that I found very amusing about this place is its structure. I am pretty sure there was no technical mind behind the planning of this place, but still the way the shops have been placed is interesting. So we have this place, our “high street”, where we have all kinds of brands from all across the world and also some of the rarest of its kind products. All the big showrooms cover the outside of this place, like a boundary wall, and then there are those small  shops which cover the inner path of this place. All kinds of shops varying from jewellery to shoes can be found inside that grim platform, but more than that there were workers reconstructing the old walls, drapes covering the old patches, paints hiding the scars on wall. Behind these high street shops I could see the same emotion that you see when you visit a busy market shop in Old Delhi. That’s what I could feel when I visited this urban market, a sense of that old Delhi. Perhaps, these Urban Markets are not that urban at all, or maybe there is no classification such as an Urban market. The reality behind these markets will always remain the same.



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